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Looking for Something Cool to do? Visit the Spy Museum!

Looking for Something Cool to do? Visit the Spy Museum!

Many people who live in DC think they’ve experienced all of the world-class museums that the District has to offer. But if you haven’t explored the International Spy Museum yet, you’re missing out on one of the most fun and unique museums in the city. For our Cathedral Commons residents, there are so many reasons to visit the Spy Museum.

Why It’s Awesome

The International Spy Museum is comparatively new to the city, having launched in 2002 as the only museum open to the public in the U.S. devoted to espionage. It also provides the biggest collection in the world of “espionage artifacts” that many people are seeing now for the first time ever. Most people never get to see what you will view at this museum.

Our Favorite Permanent Exhibits

Remember those cool James Bond gadgets that you thought only existed in the movies? They’re here, in a section devoted entirely to the espionage trade. For some people, a lipstick pistol (circa 1965), a fountain pen camera (circa late 1970’s), and a briefcase recorder (1950s) were just part of the usual 9-5.

If you saw the recent Oscar-nominated film The Imitation Game, you know about the Enigma machines used by the German military during World War II to encipher messages. You can view one such machine here, and learn more about how this device worked.

See spy stories come to life. World War II spy-training films are available to watch, in addition to interviews with former intelligence officers. You can also have your own spy experience. The museum has interactive spy activities that enable you to “travel” to a fictional country, or explore the District on a lifelike spy mission.

Special Events

Maryland, DC, and Virginia are all home to lots of individuals who have worked in the intelligence community. Learn from them. Check out our picks for some of the most engaging events on the Spy Museum calendar:

Global Terrorism, Espionage, and Cyber Security Monthly Update

March 18

Get a professional perspective on news events from a former FBI agent and Director of Counterintelligence, Intelligence, and Security Programs. Among the topics? The latest on Edward Snowden, who leaked crucial information from his work for the National Security Agency.

Meet a Spy

March 19 & Ongoing

Spies reveal their true identities years later. Meet a former CIA agent who helped capture a traitorous coworker, and in June, meet two CIA disguise specialists.

Introduction to Intelligence Analysis 101

June 10

Go to spy school. Learn what it feels like to be an Intelligence Analyst as you gather and interpret data with a professional, investigating a real intelligence case.

If you’re lucky enough to call Cathedral Commons home, be sure to make the most of the incredible area you live in and plan a day, or several, at the International Spy Museum. This quintessential DC experience is just minutes away, making it easy to entertain friends, or learn something new one weekend. For more information about the International Spy Museum, visit their website and plan your trip.

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