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Unleash Your Inner Picasso at Artworks

Unleash Your Inner Picasso at Artworks

The instructors at Artworks know that every person has the potential to become a great artist, even those who don't consider themselves naturally creative. With the proper guidance, anyone can achieve artistic greatness. Artworks' teachers provide that guidance, one art class at a time.

They hold art classes for all ages, even pupils as young as three. Adults can come to once-weekly classes, too, and receive some customized guidance while they work on a drawing or painting. You'll get as much or as little instruction as you need to create your own masterpiece. The instructors will provide the materials you need for the first class, and then after that, you're invited to bring your own and continue your pursuit of artistic greatness. Register online for a month of weekly two-hour classes or pick out a workshop at Artworks.

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