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There’s Something for Every Craving at Tatte Bakery & Café

There’s Something for Every Craving at Tatte Bakery & Café

What’ll it be at Tatte Bakery & Café today? They have delicious dishes for morning, noon, and night, and each one is infinitely better than any fast casual eatery in town. Choose a richly spiced shakshuka for breakfast, or opt for a simple croissant and coffee. The baked goods are an absolute must, whether you add a palmier onto whatever you order, or get a whole box of tarts and tea cakes to take home to Cathedral Commons. Lunchtime brings grain bowls and salads, along with hot pressed sandwiches and French specialties like Croque Madame. Tatte Bakery & Café also creates a variety of tartines and seasonal dishes like lamb hash or a winter farro bowl to give you something new to try. 

Why would you ever visit a chain café, or cook at home again for that matter? Tatte Bakery & Café is worth every bit of the online hype, and the slightly longer-than-usual line to get your takeout. Find two nearby locations in the West End and in Dupont Circle, with operating hours from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.

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