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The Future of Home Technology is Here: 4 Ways to Make Your Home Smarter

The Future of Home Technology is Here: 4 Ways to Make Your Home Smarter

Whether you’re a tech maniac with drawers full of Popular Mechanics magazine or just a lover of all things new, you’ll be interested to learn about these 4 ways to make your home smarter. Why?

Because, just like your beautiful apartment in Cathedral Heights, every one of these items (some to be released this year), are built not just to look pretty. Rather, they’re incredibly useful, elegant, and create a more comfortable living space. We’re on the lookout for products designed with care and a sense of elegant aesthetics. Interested? Keep reading for the future of home technology.

1) Awair

You know that 3pm afternoon slump when you just want to collapse on your desk? Awair could help with that (and no, it’s not a vending machine).

This intriguing new high-tech box rates indoor air quality and gives you suggestions on what you can do to alter unhealthy levels of CO2 or dust. Better yet, Awair also connects to your smart home devices – whether it’s a fan, air purifier, thermostat, humidifier, or filter – to make those changes itself.

Feeling the effects of dry air in hair, eyes, and skin? Spring for a smart air purifier, and when it connects with Awair, that dry air won’t exist any longer. And no, it’s not nearly as expensive as it sounds – at about $150 a pop, these little guys might be well worth it for your lung health, and will be shipping out early fall 2015.


2) Zami Smart Stool

By now, you’ve probably seen plenty of infographics and articles about how sitting too much is killing us. Well, the Zami Smart Stool is out to change that. It’s built with an orthopedic design that encourages “active sitting,” and syncs with an app on your phone to let you know how you’re doing.

If you’re imagining a plain-jane stool, we can’t really blame you. Honestly, how often does “smart furniture” look sexy? Not often. But this stool’s name is Japanese for “beautiful sitting,” and was designed by an established Dutch designer. This is one rare fusion of beauty and technology – buy one for home and one for the office. Delivery begins in July 2015, but you can pre-order one of these high-tech chairs today.


3) B.blend

If you click on their website link, you better speak pretty good Spanish – or use Google translate. However, it’s not too difficult to understand this machine, and people all over the world are pretty excited about the possibility of one machine that creates everything from cappuccinos to icy sodas. This is one machine that will take you through the day, and we’re willing to bet it will replace the office coffee maker at an employer near you very soon. Trust us, you’ll want to snag this beauty for your kitchen!


4) iPad Fridge Mount

Smart fridges are not quite there yet (in terms of helpfulness), but in the meantime, get access to all of the recipes, cooking tips, and shows your heart desires from the comfort of your kitchen. Stop propping your (expensive) iPad up against the backsplash while you whip merengue, and instead, mount your smart devices on your fridge. Yes, this is the least “out there” proposition on this list, but hear us out. This will revolutionize your kitchen life:

– Use Wunderlist or Remember the Milk and keep grocery lists synced across all devices

– Download the “Dinner Spinner” if you’re running out of meal ideas

– Consult the How to Cook Everything app when you’re in a pinch (Mark Bittman’s a novice cook’s god)


From your kitchen to the air in your living room, there’s plenty of new technology to get excited about. The hardest part? Picking the best from brand new options. The easiest? Choosing to live in the best luxury apartments in DC. Get in touch with us today, and start living the most comfortable, beautiful, tech-friendly life you’ve ever dreamed of.

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