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The 4 Best Theaters in DC

The 4 Best Theaters in DC



However you spell it, there’s no denying that live performances will always have a place in American culture, no matter how many movie theaters are opened. DC is a perfect hub for the arts, so what better place to spend your Friday night than at one of the best theaters in DC?

Below, we offer a roundup of the 4 best theaters in DC that are under a 30-minute drive from Cathedral Commons, and the must-see shows this season:


1. For Beautiful Ballet –  John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

What to see: Don Quixote – The Royal Ballet

Ballet has been around for years, but it never fails to ignite emotion and thrill the viewer – particularly when the talented Royal Ballet is performing. See their interpretation of the humorous story Don Quixote, and enjoy an entirely new angle on an old classic. This performance runs from Tuesday, June 9, 2015 – Sunday, June 14, 2015.


2. For Broadway Lovers: National Theater

What to see: Newsies

Disney at its finest. Even those who aren’t huge fans of “singing plays” will find something to love in Newsies. Like the smash hit Wicked, this story will sweep you away into the world of newsboy underdogs and their fight against “the man.” And you can’t go wrong with these songs – the star studded composers include Alan Menken (Beauty and the Beast) and Christopher Gatelli (South Pacific), among others. Catch it until the end of the month – June 21.


3. For History Buffs – Ford’s Theater

What to see: The Guard (in September 2015)

You may not have heard of The Guard – but you can’t afford to miss it. (No “ford” pun intended.) Not only will you enjoy a hilarious portrait of Rembrandt, Homer, other art giants, and the deeper story of our human artistic experience, but you’ll enjoy it all from a theater that is genuinely historic. After Lincoln’s shooting (yes, it is that Ford’s Theater), it reopened in 1968 as a national historic site and working theater. Just soak in all the history and see The Guard from September 25 through October 18, 2015.


4. For an Up-Close-and-Personal ExperienceArena Stage

What to see: The Blood Quilt

We can’t promise you that you won’t experience a very wide range of emotions when you step into the Arena to see The Blood Quilt. This intimate venue is the perfect place to experience a piece that’s entirely focused on the story of four disconnected sisters that “meet to create a family quilt to honor their recently deceased mother.” It’s a simple enough premise, but the story and ensues will have you in stitches and tears. Bring friends, family, and kleenex.


The 4 best theaters in DC are just the tip of the incredible iceberg that is DC’s theater scene. And if you’re looking for an equally incredible place to live in Washington DC, get in touch with us at Cathedral Commons today.

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