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POSTED ON 09/28/18

The DAR Constitution Hall is a registered National Historic Landmark, a living piece of American history. It is somewhat fitting, then, that it will play host to the Legends of Hip Hop Tour on October 13th. In honor of its extensive musical history, The Legends of Hip Hop Tour has been criss-crossing the country throughout…Read More

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POSTED ON 09/18/18

Any buffet that boasts both French toast and house-made mac and cheese is definitely worth checking out, and the brunch buffet at The Caged Bird checks both boxes. The bar and restaurant opened in July with a menu of craft cocktails and unique American bites, including the popular brunch. For a flat fee, you can…Read More

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POSTED ON 09/11/18

The DC Shorts Film Festival & Screenplay Competition is here, and it promises to be an impressive event celebrating short films and filmmakers from around the globe. Over 30 nations are represented at this year’s festival with over 130 films, from comedy and drama, to thrillers, musicals, and more. Head to the E Street Theater…Read More

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POSTED ON 08/31/18

Every new season brings a new collection and blooming garden to the Hillwood Estate, Museum & Gardens. If you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting this mansion and its surround gardens, it is truly a quiet respite in the hustle and bustle of DC. The mansion is the home of Marjorie Merriweather Post, and boasts…Read More

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POSTED ON 08/22/18

The instructors at Artworks know that every person has the potential to become a great artist, even those who don't consider themselves naturally creative. With the proper guidance, anyone can achieve artistic greatness. Artworks' teachers provide that guidance, one art class at a time. They hold art classes for all ages, even pupils as young…Read More

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POSTED ON 08/09/18

If you’re planning a trip to Italy in the near future, or you just want to learn more of this beautiful language, Conversational DC has you covered. On Wednesday, August 8th this club for language lovers will host an evening of conversation held entirely in Italian. The Conversational Club meets regularly to give both new…Read More

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POSTED ON 07/27/18

It’s hard to believe that Great Falls National Park is only a quick 15-minute drive from the hustle and bustle of DC. You practically feel like hundreds of miles from civilization when you see the rushing waters, serene tree line, and tranquil trails. Many folks come for the namesake of the park, the rushing Potomac…Read More

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POSTED ON 07/26/18

The Citi Open at Rock Creek Park Tennis Center celebrates some of the nation's top talent. Each year, the tournament draws the best tennis players from around the pro circuit to the nation's capital. Caroline Wozniacki and Sloane Stephens will head up the women's competition this year, with male pros such as Andy Murray, John…Read More

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POSTED ON 07/24/18

Ashtanga Yoga Studio is a small, beautiful space in the Palisades neighborhood that focuses on (you guessed it) the Ashtanga style of yoga. Ashtanga is a traditional Indian yoga practice that synchronizes the breath with a progressive series of postures to produce internal heat and a purifying sweat that detoxifies the body. Instructors are very…Read More

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POSTED ON 06/26/18

​Now through July 7th, the Keegan Theatre presents Other Life Forms, a romantic blind-date comedy with a cosmic, sci-fi twist that is laugh-out-loud funny. The story follows two roommates, Ben and Jeff, and their journey into the world of online dating. Written by local playwright, Brandon McCoy, the play begins with a round of synchronized…Read More

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