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SPIN: A Fun New Interactive Game Play and Dining Experience

SPIN: A Fun New Interactive Game Play and Dining Experience

Do you love ping pong? Do you love food and wine? If so, residents of Washington D.C., your dreams are coming true at SPIN, the interactive recreational center full of food, fun, and of course ping pong tables!  It all started when two best friends had the idea to train and play ping pong all day every day to try and get into the Olympics and ended with a really cool new business idea. 

At SPIN you can choose to rent a ping pong table by the hour, for one simple price, and stay and play as long as you’d like. While playing, you are sure to work up an appetite, which is why SPIN offers a nice selection of food options from the kitchen for you to snack on while you take a brief break from your exciting game of ping pong. 

Menu offerings include tacos, sandwiches, pizza, and of course dessert! You can also expect to see some pretty nice selections of alcoholic beverages as well, including red and white wines, beer, and even freshly made cocktails. Popular cocktails include the topspin, the Moscow mule, and the cheeky tiki. 

Come on out and get your game face on at SPIN, Washington D.C., currently, open every Tuesday-Thursday from 4 PM-10 PM and Saturday and Sundays from 4 PM to midnight. But be sure to book your table now, before it’s too late! 

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