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Sip and Swish at Barkada Wine Bar

Sip and Swish at Barkada Wine Bar

The perfect place to meet up with friends, Barkada Wine Bar is a cozy environment to sit and drink wine. Order a glass of Barkada Old Fashioned (made with Kasama small batch rum, orange, cherry, bitter, rocks) for a treat like no other! Every sip will make you crave and long for more. There are all sorts of alcoholic beverages to peruse from on their menu. Whether you like cocktails, wine, or beer, they serve it! They also have food to enjoy with your drink, ranging from appetizers to sandwiches, cheese and charcuterie, and dessert. 

Wine a little, and laugh a lot at this charming bar in town! You’ll find yourself enjoying the friendly service and exciting food and drinks and coming back more often than not! You’re guaranteed to feel like you’re on cloud wine as soon you walk through the doors and take the first sip of your fancy drink! 

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