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Pedal Through a Fun (But Grueling) Workout at Zengo Cycle

Pedal Through a Fun (But Grueling) Workout at Zengo Cycle

If you've ever been to a spin class at a traditional gym, forget everything you learned. The spin classes at Zengo Cycle bear little resemblance to these low-key classes, where you're probably staring at the clock the entire time just waiting for it to be over. Zengo Cycle's instructors are specifically trained to deliver a workout that engages both your muscles and your mind.

Sign up for a 50-minute ride to see what Zengo Cycle is all about. The fast-paced music is one of the most important components of class, carefully selected to get you pumped for a great workout—some classes even have musical themes, like TBT or Britney vs. Christina. With the music thumping in the background, you'll pedal your way through a challenging cardio workout and pump some iron along the way. The instructor will show you how to use light hand weights to add a bit of strength-training oomph to your workout.

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