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It’s National Admit You’re Happy Month: Here’s Why We’re Happy

It’s National Admit You’re Happy Month: Here’s Why We’re Happy

Fellow DC-ites, life isn’t perfect. We all know it. But that doesn’t mean we can’t sit back and feel pretty happy with our lives in our nation’s capitol. (And it helps when you’re apart of a DC luxury apartment community that was built with your comfort in mind!)

In honor of August’s “National Admit You’re Happy Month,” we’re sharing why we’re happy today. Feel free to comment back on Facebook and share why you’re smiling!


Yes, it can get abominably sweaty in DC on some summer days–but that doesn’t mean we would give it up to deal with slush in our boots and sleet in our face. Spring and fall are obviously our all-time faves, but they seem to get shorter every year. Soak up your Vitamin D, and eat lunch outside today. Admit it–you’re happy it’s summer.

Cold Treats

Summer and cold (preferably sweet) treats go together like 7-layer-cake and strawberry frosting (which, incidentally, we’re also pretty happy about). Whether it’s an iced coffee from the Starbucks downstairs, a perfect margarita from the Cactus Cantina, a refreshing water ice, an artisan fruit popsicle, or a simple chocolate ice cream cone–we’re all about justifying those extra calories with outrageously high temperatures.


Pets are proven stress relievers–and how often do you find yourself cracking up at your dog’s crazy antics? Or your cats hilarious attempt to make an impossible leap? Not to mention the joy that ensues when you stroll through your front door. Gone are the days of “No dogs allowed.” At Cathedral Commons, we welcome your furry friend!

Our Corner of DC

Yes, it’s great to live in a big city–but after a while, the noises of traffic, the difficulty in parking, and constant streams of tourists can be tough to deal with 24/7. When you finally decide to move into our quiet, tree lined neighborhood with ample parking and serene views, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief. We still adore DC, we just like to experience the hustle and bustle on our terms. Happiness is your brand new apartment in Cathedral Heights, DC.

Jazz in the Garden–and Basically Free Stuff in General

We pay for nearly everything in DC, and hey, we know that just comes with the territory in a big city. But that’s also why we appreciate the free events and stuff so much more than most people. We get all jazzed about free Jazz in the Garden, free yoga, and free museum days. Basically, we owe a lot of feelings of happiness to the free stuff.

The Potomac

Unlike a lot of big cities, DC actually feels open and…dare we say…green? The lack of massive skyscrapers leaves us with gorgeous views of sunsets and sunrises, and we adore the many parks nearby. The Potomac, naturally, makes us extremely happy–we like to kayak on it, walk or bike next to it, eat lunch near it, and occasionally watch fireworks over it. What can we say? Rivers make us happy, especially when paired with sunsets and wine.

DC Food Scene

From outdoor markets in DC to fancy-schmancy dinner clubs, DC has food down. DCites, we’re foodies. Food just makes us happy–especially when it’s anything from The Cakeroom. Take one look at the food trends in DC this year and you’ll know we like to have fun with our food, from head-to-tail, and root-to-leaf. Admit it, DC-ites, we run to eat. And as much as we diet, we’re pretty happy about our food.

DC-ites, as bad as traffic gets, as tough as your boss was today–there are still things to be happy about. Now it’s your turn. Want a big boost in happiness? Experience the good life at Cathedral Commons–get in touch with us today!

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