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Make Your Cathedral Commons Home Yours!

Make Your Cathedral Commons Home Yours!

Your home in Cathedral Commons provides a beautiful foundation upon which you can easily build. Here are some great ways to really make your house yours!

Personalize your décor
Visit Dalton Brody
Local shop Dalton Brody is just across the street, and has a variety of trinkets for your kitchen, bathroom, living room, and dining room. They offer everything from a silver airplane that functions as both décor and cocktail shaker to a wide array of pillows and tea towels in assorted colors and patterns.

Stop by Connecticut Avenue
More home décor shops like this one and a variety of other shops on Connecticut Avenue can help you add small, less expensive personal touches to your place. The key here is finding pieces that add to your basic designs and are unique to your tastes, whether you like zebra print pillows, dog-shaped salt and pepper shakers, or chip and dip servers shaped like acorns and leaves. Make it yours!

Add cozy touches
Make your new place somewhere you want to come home to. You may live in the city, but you can make your personal space feel like a beachside cottage or a cozy cabin with comforting touches such as scented candles, an abundance of pillows, and décor in a warm color palette.

Appeal to your olfactory senses
Scented candles can remind you of a favorite person or place, and offer a glow to any room, while abundant pillows make your couch and bed even more inviting.

Pick cozy colors
The warmer your color schemes, the more inviting your place will appear when you walk in the door at night.

Make your space friend-friendly
One surefire way to feel like you’re home is to make it a place where your friends can gather–this means making sure you have the furniture to accommodate them.

Entertain in the kitchen
Putting bar stools in your kitchen is an easy way to add seating, especially if your dining table is relatively small. Bar stools also make it easy for you to entertain while you are still cooking.

Put together a cozy hangout spot
For your living room, aim to purchase an L-shaped sofa. You can also try a sofa/chair combo, purchasing a smaller sofa, and angling several matching chairs such that people can sit and engage in conversation in your living room. Ligne Roset and Theodore’s Furniture are both on Wisconsin Avenue and offer some fantastic contemporary designs.

Everything you need is readily accessible in and around Cathedral Commons, from great restaurants to a fully equipped gym. This means that when you live here, it’s easy to relax and truly feel at home.

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