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How to Make an Open Space Cozy

How to Make an Open Space Cozy

The floorplans at Cathedral Commons are meticulously planned to optimize space and architectural details, like exposed concrete ceilings, create a canvas on which you can easily display your personal style.

Still, who doesn’t enjoy coming home to a cozy, homey atmosphere? We’ll show you how to take full advantage of the expansive floor plan and high ceilings at your apartment in Cathedral Heights while capitalizing on comfort. Here are some tips on how you can best make an open space cozy.

Add Texture

High-quality faux fur throws in classic colors never go out of style. Drape a smaller one over one of your living room chairs, and feel the room coming to life. Throw a larger one on the floor, and make a bold statement with mixed color/giraffe/zebra prints.

While you’re at it, how’s your blanket game? Don’t go for tiny barely-covers-my-ankle throws. Go oversize, so you can actually cozy up while you’re watching a movie. Pillows are tough, because people often sit down and throw them off the couch almost immediately. The solution? Make sure they make sense where they are, are the right size, and aren’t overly decorative (aka uncomfortable). You’ll find they may actually get used!

Bring in a Rug

Either go with rug options above, or bring in short/long rugs – whatever reflects your style better. Keep in mind however, there are some rugs that are just a pain to clean (your vacuum will suffer.) Think about your lifestyle – do you like scrapbooking in your living room? Go for a short rug. Only use your room to watch shows, lounge, or socialize in comfort? Go for the luxurious long fiber rugs.

If most of the decor in your home is neutral, shake it up with a large rug that’s in a bold, warm color. Make sure it unifies (touches) every large piece of furniture in the room to create cohesiveness.

Roll on the Color

No one should live with white walls their entire life. Of course, you can style a white room to make it cozy, but we recommend you take advantage of your amazing apartment layout and go with a bold color. Why not? Even if it’s just on the lower half of the wall, or maybe a few accent walls, it has a huge impact in a room with high ceilings.

Add a Privacy Screen or Shelves

Create a sense of easy division between rooms with a privacy screen. Your open format dining room doesn’t have to meld completely with the kitchen and living room, and you may benefit from the sense of separate space without a wall. If you purchase double-sided standing shelves, you can do the same thing. As an added benefit, you’ll increase the openness and be able to display your favorite items, including joyous photos of you, your family, and your friends.

DIY Reading Nook

Who hasn’t always dreamed of having their own reading nook under the window? Create your own in your bedroom or the living room. Set up a bench near the window, and make sure it’s comfortable and includes pillows. For extra use, try one with storage space underneath to hold your treasures. The outside lighting will be there all day, but when you want to cozy up at night, ensure you have a beautiful lamp nearby.


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