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Learn How Craft Vodka is Made at Republic Restoratives

Learn How Craft Vodka is Made at Republic Restoratives

Republic Restoratives is a local distillery that was founded by a crowd-funding campaign, which just goes to prove how much the community loves this place. While the distillery specializes in craft vodka, you’ll also find all kinds of other premium spirits made on site at Republic Restoratives. 

If you want to see how the vodka, brandy, whiskey and other spirits are made, come in on Saturday for a tour of the distillery. You’ll sign up online, and once you get to see how everything works, you’ll head to the tasting room to sample your favorites. Republic Restoratives spirits are behind the bar in many of your favorite DC restaurants, but you just might find a new favorite while you’re here. The distillery also often hosts special events, so keep an eye on the calendar to see what’s on deck. 

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