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Learn About American History at the “A Revolution in Arms ” Exhibit

Learn About American History at the “A Revolution in Arms ” Exhibit

The Society of the Cincinnati was established in 1783 to preserve the memory of the men and women who contributed to the American Revolutionary War. From now until spring, the museum in Dupont Circle will contribute to its mission with the exhibition "A Revolution in Arms: Weapons in the War for Independence".

This isn’t just a collection of old muskets and swords, however; it’s a window into the conditions under which these patriots took on the world’s greatest military power, and the global relationships that helped the American colonists win the war. Because there were very few armories and manufacturers in North America, the Continental Army had to make do with repurposed hunting rifles, home-made bayonets, weapons stolen from the British, and arms supplied by our allies from France and Spain. When you see these artifacts up close at the exhibit, you can develop a new appreciation for the odds the Americans faced. 

The museum is open until 4pm and admission is free.

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