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How to Host a Housewarming Party

How to Host a Housewarming Party

It’s time to show off your new apartment! Once you’ve moved in and gotten settled, this is the logical next step, affording you the chance to showcase your stunning Cathedral views, soaring windows, elegant fireplaces, and all of the other features you love about your Cathedral Commons property.

To ensure you can focus on entertaining your guests and enjoying your get-together, we’ve compiled some tips to help you learn how to host a housewarming party without a hitch:

Tip #1: Prepare Food in Advance

This party is about making new memories in your new home–not how long you slaved over the stove. Thekitchn blog suggests making finger-food appetizers that you can prep weeks before and freeze. Some of the most delicious options include flatbread pizzas, turkey meatballs, and peanut butter and jelly icebox cookies.

You can pick up everything you need just minutes away at Giant Foods or Yes! Organic Market.

Tip #2: Give a Tour!

As people arrive, offer to show them around your new place. They’re here to celebrate it with you, after all! Even if your home isn’t fully decorated, it’s bound to look refined with its dark plank flooring and designer lighting.

If you have some undecorated spaces, that’s okay. Be cute about it, and make a sign that says “Future Location of Our____” using these free, printable templates.

Show off the Cathedral Commons space as well. Take a couple of guests at a time to the rooftop terraces, where they can enjoy a sweeping view of the city. You can also show them the Club Room, a perfect place to gather and relax.

Tip #3: Purchase Enough Wine

Since housewarmings are more reminiscent of cocktail hours than dinner parties, having a selection of drinks is especially important. Oprah (of course) has some suggestions for how much wine to purchase, and what types are best. The rule of thumb is that one bottle of wine provides about 5-6 glasses, and it’s safe to assume 3 glasses of wine per person.

You can also use this great tool from Total Wine, a Drink Calculator, to help you come up with the right numbers. Then, you can head over to neighboring Calvert Woodley Fine Wine & Spirits to pick up your supplies.

Tip #4 Keep it Home-y

Decorations certainly don’t need to be elaborate. But it’s nice to create a cozy and comfortable environment for your guests. Light some candles to add mood, fragrance, and warm light to the space.

This template on The Savvy Event blog incorporates some housewarming-themed quotes that you can place around your space. The template also has labels for each food item you put out, to ensure guests know what is being offered and feel completely at ease.

We know your housewarming party will be perfect. The open concept floor plans of our flats make it easy for guests to mix, mingle, and access the kitchen as needed. You can light your gas fireplace to add ambiance and keep your guests cozy. Welcome your friends and family to Cathedral Commons with a housewarming party set to impress.

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