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Get a Full Breakfast Meal With Your Coffee at Flying Fish Coffee and Tea

In a lot of ways, Flying Fish Coffee and Tea is your typical coffee shop: the menu contains a variety of espresso drinks, teas, and juices, while the counter features display cases stacked with muffins and pastries, and free Wi-Fi means that plenty of patrons settle in to work on their laptops for a few hours. If you start asking some of the regulars at this DC shop, however, you're likely to hear about a few of its not-so-typical features, as well.

For starters, its food menu includes a bit more intricacy and care than some of the neighborhood's other grab-and-go coffee counters. Here, you can order a bagel and lox, which comes artfully arranged on the plate, or you can go for one of the hot sandwiches. Yelp reviewers recommend the egg, sausage, and cheese version. Add a hand-shaken iced tea or a growler of coffee and you've got a hearty, satisfying meal.

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