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Find a Variety of Different Class Styles at Washington Yoga Center

Washington Yoga Center bills itself as "a studio like none other," and regulars say that after you've attended a few classes here it's easy to see what the difference is. This place offers a wide range of classes that are targeted to people with specific needs with classes like Yoga for Anxiety, Yoga for Back Pain, Yoga for Families, and many others. The class calendar is also so comprehensive that it can accommodate just about any schedule imaginable.

Want a 6 a.m. vinyasa class to get your blood flowing as the sun rises? No problem. How about a meditative jivamukti-style class that ends at 9 p.m., just as you want to wind down for the day? You'll find that here, too. Finally, Yelp reviewers say that one of the most important aspects of Washington Yoga Center is that its instructors are professional, knowledgeable, and friendly, which means you can count on their guidance and support as you perfect your form and deepen your practice.

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