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Feng Shui Color 101

Feng Shui Color 101

It is well known that when you’re decorating your apartment, arranging furniture can help to create a sense of serenity and functionality in each room. But now that your furniture is arranged, how should you choose your color schemes to match?

We take the design of each apartment at Cathedral Commons very seriously, so you know you’ll have a great palette to create the moods you’d like in each room. Not sure where to start? Enter Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of creating good energy in your home. Researchers are constantly finding new ways that color affects your mood, energy, and behavior. That’s why Feng Shui Color 101 is a perfect place to start when decorating your home.

Read on to find out how you can best use Fung Shui principles to create a home environment that fits you.

Basic Feng Shui

Fire. Earth. Metal. Water. Wood.

What do all of these have in common? They’re the building blocks of Feng Shui, and they all serve to create a different moods in your rooms. There are basic energies exuded by these elements:

Fire – passion and high energy

Earth – nourishment and stability

Metal – clarity and preciseness

Water – ease and abundance

Wood – growth and vitality

Now, for the fun part. We’re often drawn to colors that make us feel a certain way. Think about your favorite color, and see if it matches the right mood you’d like to create. Here are some potential colors to think about when decorating your luxury apartment in Cathedral Heights:

Living Room – Fire or Earth

Is your living room the heart of your social life? Do you enjoy hosting fun, upbeat get-togethers with friends? The color red (Fire element) may actually promote activity and alleviate depression, and some say it encourages the appetite. (You’ll probably want to double up the pizza order). Use reds, oranges, purples, pinks, or brighter yellows to bring out the party in your party guests. If you prefer to host more casual kickbacks – or host less frequently, consider adding more Earth colors – lighter yellow, beige, or sandy colors. A glass of wine and some hors’ devours, and you’ll find you’re more refreshed.

Bedroom – Earth

Unlike the living room, your bedroom is truly a personal haven. In order to get a good night’s rest – crucial when you’re a working professional – try painting a lavender accent wall, or add dried sprigs of lavender to your bedside table. Can’t stand any shade of purple? Try sage or another Earth tone – they will calm and relax you. Or, start with a sandy brown and add muted blue, and feel those relaxing beach vibes every day.

Office – Metal, Water or Wood

The office is one of the most flexible spaces in your home. First, think about what you use your office for, and proceed from there.

Metal elemental colors (gray and white) will give you the clarity you crave – Earth colors would probably make you more likely to conk out at your desk while balancing your budget. Worried about finances? Add Water colors (blue and black) to create a sense of abundance. If you add some green or brown (Wood element), you could also be stimulated to think about personal growth. That could result in less meaningless web browsing time and more productivity – whether it’s creative brainstorming, writing, reading, reworking your budget, or checking in on personal goals – from the comfort of your office space.

Kitchen – Earth

Your kitchen is pretty crucial – after all, you can’t live if you don’t eat. Make it a place that reflects stability and health by using Earth tones (light yellow, beige, earthy colors), and if you crave pops of color, incorporate Fire colors to give you energy to whip up some fettuccine post work.

These are just basic Fung Shui principles (it is title Feng Shui Color 101 for a reason), but they’re a good starting point for creating the calming (or exciting) spaces you want at your luxury apartment in DC. If you’d like to live in a home where comfort and ease are cornerstones – you’ll love Cathedral Commons. Give us a call at 877-289-5833 and schedule a tour today!

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