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Expect Eco-Friendly Fare at Firefly in Dupont Circle

Expect Eco-Friendly Fare at Firefly in Dupont Circle

In recent years, climate change has been a critical topic of conversation and political consideration. As a result, individuals and companies alike have begun to strive for more eco-friendly practices, and Dupont Circle’s Firefly is no exception. Firefly’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond the empty promises of far too many businesses. In each step of their restaurant’s success, the team behind this New American eatery focuses on making their space a little more earth-friendly. 

On a minute level, Firefly’s ingredients are chosen with their sustainability pledge front and center. Working with local farmers and others in the community, the restaurant highlights fresh, seasonal foods from the surrounding area. As you taste your Firefly burger or kimchi pork hash, you can enjoy each bite knowing it was made with the environment in mind. 

If you follow a plant-based diet like veganism or vegetarianism, you’ll find menu items catered to your eco-friendly efforts. Even the takeout containers you’ll find at Firefly are chosen with the planet in mind—theirs are made with recycled and compostable packaging. 

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