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Enjoy the Old-World Italian Charm at Sfoglina

Enjoy the Old-World Italian Charm at Sfoglina

Sfoglina is an Italian restaurant that embraces the Italian tradition of rolling pasta sheets by hand with a rolling pin. This authentic pasta house honors the artful craftsmanship that goes into each entree, with a daily-changing menu and beautifully presented dishes.

Sfoglina is known for its beef short ribs cacciatore, its creamy grilled wild calamari, and its 550-day aged prosciutto shaved tableside with much exhibition. A spacious bar area allows customers to watch chefs work as they prepare exquisite dishes such as arugula salads and beef agnolotti, or add flower petaled ice cubes as a chilling garnish to alcoholic drinks. Visitors say the ambiance at Sfoglina isn’t lacking, with it’s soothing atmosphere softly supported by bossa nova and jazz music. Each serving dish, fork, spoon and glass is different from the one next to it, adding a family-styled charm to each table.

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