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Enjoy Homestyle American Cooking at Café Deluxe

Enjoy Homestyle American Cooking at Café Deluxe

When the cold winter weather calls for a plate of only the most comforting American food, head to Café Deluxe. They have four locations in the area, with the nearby Cleveland Park restaurant just outside the city on Wisconsin Avenue. 

Here, you’ll find classic meals like chicken pot pie, deluxe meatloaf, or Maryland-style crab cakes, along with a variety of burgers, salads, and smaller plates. It’s homestyle cooking at its best, whether you come in for a hearty brunch plate of steak and eggs, or have a light lunch of cobb salad and fire-roasted tomato soup. Café Deluxe is a small spot, but they are more than happy to accommodate large groups by stretching their long tables from one end of the room to the other. If your party is even bigger, order from their event menus, or have Café Deluxe come to you with gourmet catering platters. But even if it’s just a small group or a quiet dinner with your significant other, Café Deluxe has you covered with nightly specials like $19 bottles of wine on Mondays or $8 burgers every Wednesday. Make reservations on their website, or contact the restaurant for group events. 

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