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Eastern Market: A Foodie Destination Is Just Moments From Your Apartment

Eastern Market: A Foodie Destination Is Just Moments From Your Apartment

Located just moments from your apartment, Eastern Market is a local institution that brings together the cultures, flavors, and spirit of DC, all in one place. The market was built in the late 1800s and has continued to grow. Unfortunately, in 2007 the market was badly damaged in a fire, but locals knew there was no other option but to rebuild—we couldn’t have the Capitol Hill neighborhood without the beloved Eastern Market! So, the area of the market that was damaged was kept operational outdoors until they were able to restore the building to its former glory! 

The market has a few different features. The South Hall Market is where you’ll find all the vendors and merchants selling produce, baked goods, handmade wares, deli meats and cheeses, and creative cuisine every day. Then you have the Tuesday Farmers Market and the Weekend Farmers Market where farmers come in to sell their produce year-round. On the weekends you’ll also find the outdoor market which is essentially a weekend artisan fair. Then, there’s the North Hall Event Space which hosts periodic cultural events and can be rented out for special occasions. Above all, Eastern Market is a place where the community comes together. 

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