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5 Common Workout Mistakes, and How to Solve Them

5 Common Workout Mistakes, and How to Solve Them

Remember when you got started on your new exercise plan? You were so excited when you strolled through the gym doors 7:00am on that fateful Monday. You were wearing the best parts of your new back-to-the-gym wardrobe, complete with sweat bands.

Now think back to last week.

Assuming you didn’t just begin, you’ve probably found yourself slipping a little on the routine despite your best efforts. Want to get back into a great workout? Let’s talk about the 5 common workout mistakes that could be holding you back from your fit future:


Workout Mistake #1: You Don’t Have a Clear Plan

You’ve probably heard this numerous times – but actually writing down your goals has been proven to give you a better chance of success. Of course, you’ll need to actually be realistic about your workout goals (work with a coach on this if you need help). None of that “45 pounds in two weeks” nonsense. Start with these questions:

  • What’s the point? Do you want to gain muscle? Lose fat? Increase flexibility? Undo what happens to your neck and spine while you sit all day at work?
  • Where do you want to accomplish these goals – while rock climbing, or with your friends in a cycling class? Nerd Fitness has a great post about choosing workout plans. Check it out, and formulate one for success.

A written-out plan is the structure on which your routine hangs – for better, or for worse. Remember, this plan should be followed only until it’s not working. Then alter it and keep moving forward.


Workout Mistake #2: You Don’t Actually Like Your Workout

Sometimes, you get roped into things you don’t want to do – like going to Aunt Erma’s for Christmas…or getting assigned to a project at work you can’t stand. But your workout shouldn’t be a drag, and it doesn’t have to be. Hate kickboxing? Stop doing it, and try [solidcore] or  Pure Barre, right downstairs from your apartment. The main point here? Stop grinding away at something you wouldn’t get out of bed at 6:30am for. (When you use that yardstick, it’s easy to eliminate the wrong workouts, isn’t it?)

It’s tough, but sooner or later you’ll land on something you actually love, and potentially stick with long term.


Workout Mistake #3: You’re Settling on Poor Quality Gear

So you’ve discovered a newfound love for running, and you’re excited to lace up every morning. On Wednesday morning, as soon as you leave your cozy luxury apartment in Cathedral Heights and head out into the streets, you feel your ankle give way. OUCH. A few days later, the delayed onset muscle soreness sets in, and you’re feeling like you have a cold. Do you still like running?

Before you give up, look down. That’s right, your sneaks could be to blame. Do they offer the right amount of support, or are they past their prime? Even in something as simple as running, it’s important to make sure you have the proper gear, otherwise you risk injury or you’ll just make things a lot harder. Once you’ve bought your new shoes, check out the fun gear at core72. They just moved in at Cathedral Commons, and trust us, they make workouts a lot more fun.


Workout Mistake #4: You’re Not Being Realistic

This one’s easy – stop creating unattainable goals. You may think you’re shooting high to end up among stars, but when your goal is nearly impossible to reach, you will just end up paralyzed or discouraged. Start at #1 and create those goals with a realistic mindset – don’t be afraid to start small, with things like “take the stairs at work.” If you’re not sure what’s possible, partner with a workout-focused friend or a trainer, and let them guide you, but trust your instincts, too. Only you really know when you’re capable of doing more.


Workout Mistake #5: You Don’t Have the Support You Need

Your parents still push dessert every time you come over. Your hubby is annoyed that you’re spending more time at the gym. Your current friends and family will have to endure an adjustment period – but it would be even more helpful to get them involved!

Invite your significant other to join your workout routine, and share your goals with those you trust (the last thing you need is your boss checking in on your weight loss journey.) Studies show that a workout buddy is one of the best things you can do to improve your workouts, so enlist your friends! To gain an even wider community, begin a blog, join a forum, or meet new workout buddies at our state-of-the-art onsite Fitness Center at Cathedral Commons. The way you gain support is up to you, but you’ll find it’s indispensable when the going gets tough. (AKA when the cake arrives.)


Our final tip? Remember to enjoy the fit journey. There’s no reason you can’t enjoy who you are today just because you haven’t reached your goals for tomorrow. Looking for a community where a healthy, happy lifestyle in DC is entirely possible? Schedule a tour at Cathedral Commons today!

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