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Beyond The Usual: Unique DC Tours Near You

Beyond The Usual: Unique DC Tours Near You

If you’ve lived in DC long enough, you’ve probably already hit the big sights— the White House, the Library of Congress, and the Lincoln Memorial.  Living in this historic city means being surrounded by U.S. history, but there is much more than the typical DC tourist destinations. Near Cathedral Commons, you will find unique DC tours of both the big destinations and the hidden gems. Here are just a few of them:

Explore History and the Stars

Offered on a limited basis, you will be lucky when you get to tour the US Naval Observatory. The tours go through the mission and history of the observatory, as well as information about the Observatory’s timekeeping responsibilities. If the weather allows, you  may even get to take a look through the 12-inch Alvan Clark refractor telescope!

Learn about Gothic Architecture

On Thursday, August 20th, check out the stone gargoyles and other art that decorates the beautiful Washington National Cathedral, which is only a short distance from Cathedral Commons. The tour includes an informational slide show and then an outdoor tour to help you learn more about the historical gothic-styled building.

Get Active on this DIY Tour

If you want to get moving in one of DC’s most walkable cities, then the DC Walkabout tour is right for you.  You can download the audio files for the many locations listed, including the Capitol Building, Ford’s Theatre, and Rock Creek Park. All you have to do is get yourself to the location and start the audio tour. This is great DIY tour when you want to move at your own pace.

Take a VIP Tour

Get a personal day, night, or customized tour of DC with Tiber Creek.  This is a luxury experience where you enjoy being in a private vehicle taken through DC by a knowledgeable tour guide. This is perfect for those who’d rather not be one of many in a tour group. Get a tailored experience so you make sure to see the sights you’re interested in!

Discover an Estate and its Gardens

Hillwood Museum’s mission is to allow visitors to experience the life of founder Marjorie Merriweather Post, who left her collection of art and her historic estate and gardens that make up the Hillwood. View her collection of Russian Imperial art, French decorative art, textiles, jewelry, and costumes. Take a tour of the formal gardens for a wonderfully scenic experience.

Delve into Rock Creek Park History

Built in the 1820’s, Pierce Mill  ran commercially until 1897. Currently, it operates on special occasions and serves to educate visitors about Rock Creek Park’s rich heritage. Also, it’s on the National Register of Historic Places. During their operating hours and seasons, you can take a tour of the mill. Other times, enjoy the area by biking, jogging, and exploring the area and its trails.


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Image Source: Hillwood Museum

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